Monday, 27 January 2014

New Empress review: The Selfish Giant (Clio Barnard, 2013)

My first review of 2014 for New Empress is of Clio Barnard's The Selfish Giant. Released on DVD/Blu-ray on Monday 27th January, Barnard's second full length feature ranked as one of my favourite movies of 2013. To read my thoughts on the film, click on the link below.

Five more British movies about wayward teens:
Fish Tank
Made in Britain
Bronco Bullfrog

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Hell is a Teenage Girl

The latest theme over at Electric Sheep is 'Daughters of Darkness', inspired by the BFI's lengthy Gothic season. Having written a monograph on Brian De Palma's Carrie for Auteur Publishing's Devil's Advocates series, I thought it would be fun to look at similar movies centering on violent adolescent females. The resulting piece, Hell is a Teenage Girl, features Poison Ivy, Ginger Snaps, Teeth and The Loved Ones among many others and can be read by clicking on the link below.

Daughters of Darkness: 5 movies with deadly adolescent females:
Jennifer's Body
Suburban Mayhem
All the Boys Love Mandy Lane

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Flicks and the City review: The Dark Angel

With the BFI's excellent Gothic season in full flow, I take a look at Peter Hammond's 1989 adaptation of J. Sheridan le Fanu's novel Uncle Silas. Renamed The Dark Angel, and starring the late, great Peter O'Toole, this three part BBC series is well worth seeking out for both its performances and Hammond's wild take on le Fanu's Gothic thriller. Read my review for Flicks and the City by clicking on the link below.

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Letterboxd - all the films I watch in 2014

So, I've returned to using Letterboxd, mainly to keep a track of all the films I watch in 2014. If you want to see what I've been watching, then follow me here - 

Flicks and the City review: You're Next

My first review of the new year is of Adam Wingard's terrific home invasion horror movie, You're Next. Starring former home and away regular Sharni Vinson, and featuring Ti West, Larry Fessenden and Joe Swanberg, Wingard's latest shocker is well worth seeking out.
Click on the link below to read my thoughts on it for Flicks and the City.

Explore: Five more home invasion movies worth your time:

Funny Games
The Strangers
Ils (Them)
Mother's Day
A L'interieur (Inside)

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

My favourite films of 2013.

OK, 2013 has been and gone and it was a pretty good year for film-goers of all persuasions. Here's my favourite ten movies, in no particular order.

You're Next - Adam Wingard, USA, 95 minutes, horror
Bullhead - Michael R. Roskam, BEL, 128 minutes, drama  
After Lucia - Michel Franco, MEX, 103 minutes, drama
Sleep Tight - Juame Balaguero, SPA, 108 minutes, horror
The Selfish Giant - Clio Barnard, UK, 91 minutes, social realism

The Great Beauty - Paolo Sorrentino, ITA, 150 minutes, drama
Gravity - Alfonso Cuaron, USA, 91 minutes, science fiction
Simon Killer - Antonio Campos, USA/FRA, 101 minutes, drama
Beyond the Hills - Cristian Mungiu, ROM/FRA/BEL, 150 minutes, drama
Neighbouring Sounds -  Kleber Mendonca Filho, BRA, 131 minutes, thriller

Also worthy of mention are - 
Jiro Dreams of Sushi, Post Tenebras Lux, The Act of Killing, The Conjuring, Robot & Frank, Gimme the Loot, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire  and What Richard Did.

Last but not least, Gareth Evans' 'Safe Haven' section of V/H/S 2 is an absolutely astonishing slice of film-making.

Oh yes, the films that underwhelmed or annoyed - 
The Spirit of '45
After Earth
Only God Forgives
Olympus Has Fallen